Increasing Level of Engagement

Increasing Levels of Engagement

Source: Collective Impact Forum, adopted from Tamarack Institute and IAP2

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1st Level of Engagement: Inform

Objective of the Approach:

To provide the public with balanced and objective information to assist them in understanding the problem, alternatives, or solutions.

2nd Level of Engagement: Consult

Objective of the Approach:

To gather feedback from targeted stakeholders on the project's goals, processes, shared metrics, or strategies for change.

3rd Level of Engagement: Involve

Objective of the Approach:

To work directly with stakeholders continuously to ensure that concerns are consistently understood and considered.

4th Level of Engagement: Collaborate

Objective of the Approach:

To partner with stakeholders in each aspect of the decision including the development of alternatives and priorities.

5th Level of Engagement: Co-Lead

Objective of the Approach:

To place final decision-making in the hands of stakeholders so that they drive decisions and implementation of the work.