Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction

Its up to us logo 250x250Cardiovascular disease, or CVD, accounts for 1 in 3 U.S. deaths and disproportionately contributes to reduced life expectancy for Latinos.

In Sonoma County, more than 30 percent of all deaths are due to CVD and is the leading cause of preventable deaths for people under age 65.

Risk Factors and Prevention

CVD risk factors include hypertension, smoking, poor diet, and lack of physical activity. We can prevent hundreds of heart attacks and strokes in Sonoma County by:

Educating the community about the risks of high blood pressure and lifestyle choices, and their connection to heart disease.

Adopting common guidelines and shared best practices among primary care providers to:

  • DETECT heart disease much earlier through better screening
  • CONNECT patients and clients to community-based resources to help them quit smoking and make healthier choices, and
  • CONTROL their blood pressure through proven treatments.

Management of Adult Hypertension Guidelines

Management of Adult Hypertension (PDF: 401 Kb)
Source: Hearts of Sonoma County.

Example Implementation of the Guidelines (PDF: 120 Kb)
Source: Redwood Community Health Coalition.

Review: Hearts of Sonoma County - Roadmap to Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes
Source: Sonoma Medicine.

Article: Hearts of Sonoma County - A Countywide Hypertension Initiative
Source: Sonoma Medicine.

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Initiative Leadership

Hearts of Sonoma County

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This subcommittee's goal is to prevent heart attacks and strokes through earlier detection and better management of cardiovascular disease risk factors.

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