Health Action Council

Health Action is a partnership of local leaders, organizations, and individuals dedicated to improving health and well-being and reducing disparities across Sonoma County.

Health Action Council Members

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Board of Supervisors: Community Health Improvement Action Council, see BOS Resolution #28, No. 07-0684, 08-14-07


Health Action, led by the Health Action Council, establishes collaborative goals, outcomes, and best practice strategies for key priorities of education, income and health. Work is led by three subcommittees, Cradle to Career, Economic Wellness and the Committee for Healthcare Improvement, and place-based Health Action Chapters. Health Action uses the Portrait of Sonoma County report to identify, assess, and address disparities by place and population across the county.

Membership Term

Two-years. Health Action members may be reappointed - at the option of the Director of Health Services. Members may serve a maximum of 5 terms.


Only Student Advisory members receive a stipend of $50.00 per meeting attended for a maximum of $200.00 per year.

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Contact Information

Kristin Fladseth Heidorn

Sonoma County Department of Health Services

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1450 Neotomas Ave.

Suite 200

Santa Rosa, CA 95405

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