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Health Action is a partnership of local leaders, organizations, and individuals dedicated to improving health and well-being and reducing disparities across Sonoma County.

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Health Action’s vision is that Sonoma County is a healthy place for all residents to live, work, play and belong. The mission of Health Action is to mobilize community partnerships and resources to achieve equity and improve health for all in Sonoma County. For more information visit our link:


Board of Supervisors: Community Health Improvement Action Council, see BOS Resolution #28, No. 07-0684, 08-14-07


Health Action, led by the Health Action Council, establishes collaborative goals, outcomes, and best practice strategies for key priorities of education, income and health. Work is led by three subcommittees, Cradle to Career, Economic Wellness and the Committee for Healthcare Improvement, and place-based Health Action Chapters. Health Action uses the Portrait of Sonoma County report to identify, assess, and address disparities by place and population across the county.

Membership Term

Two-years. Health Action members may be reappointed - at the option of the Director of Health Services. Members may serve a maximum of 5 terms.


Only Student Advisory members receive a stipend of $50.00 per meeting attended for a maximum of $200.00 per year.

Contact Information

Nora Mallonee Brand, Health Program Manager, Health Action - 707-565-6407;

Meeting Schedule

Meets quarterly, March, June, September, December, on the first Friday of the month.

Membership Composition

The membership of the Health Action Council shall be limited to a maximum of 47 members. Membership shall include broad representation of community leaders with diverse, balanced perspectives on health issues including but not limited to: Health care providers representing hospitals, physicians and community clinics; Representatives of local business, community and employers; Representatives of local non-profit organizations, faith community and community at large; Representatives of community and economic development organizations; Representatives of organized labor. In 2014, Health Action dedicated two youth seats on the Council. Government officials, including a city council member from each of the nine cities in the county and county representatives from the Board of Supervisors, Health Services (including Public Health Officer), Human Services, Economic Development Board, and Office of Education.
44 Members: 3 Current Vacancies
RepresentingMember NameAppointment
Business RepresentativeBob Anderson
Business RepresentativeCynthia Murray
Business RepresentativeHerman Hernandez
Business RepresentativeKarissa Kruse
City Council RepresentativeCarol Russell
City Council RepresentativeDavid Glass
City Council RepresentativeErnesto Olivares
City Council RepresentativeGary Edwards
City Council RepresentativeGina Belforte
City Council RepresentativeJohn Dell'Osso
City Council RepresentativeLeah Gold
City Council RepresentativeNeysa Hinton
City Council RepresentativeSam Salmon
County RepresentativeBarbie Robinson
County RepresentativeBert Whitaker
County RepresentativeKaren Fies
County RepresentativeMargaret Van Vliet
County RepresentativeSupervisor Lynda Hopkins
County RepresentativeSuzanne Smith
County RepresentativeVacantVacant
Education RepresentativeDana Pedersen
Education RepresentativeDr. Steven Herrington
Education RepresentativeFrank Chong
Faith RepresentativeLee Turner
Health RepresentativeBo Greaves
Health RepresentativeJudy Coffey
Health RepresentativeMary Szecsey
Health RepresentativeMike Purvis
Health RepresentativeNaomi Fuchs
Health RepresentativeRamona Faith
Health RepresentativeTodd Salnas
Labor RepresentativeJack Buckhorn
Non-profit RepresentativeBrian Farragher
Non-profit RepresentativeJuan Hernandez
Non-profit RepresentativeLarry Florin
Non-profit RepresentativeLisa Carreno
Non-profit RepresentativeMarrianne McBride
Non-profit RepresentativeMatthew Henry
Non-profit RepresentativeMike Kallhoff
Non-profit RepresentativeVacantVacant
Philanthropy RepresentativeElizabeth Brown
Philanthropy RepresentativeLisa Wittke-Schaffner
Youth RepresentativeOlivia Grande
Youth RepresentativeVacantVacant

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Contact Information

Kristin Fladseth Heidorn

Sonoma County Department of Health Services

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Sonoma County Department of Health Services

490 Mendocino Avenue

Suite 101

Santa Rosa, CA 95401
38.442724, -122.714894

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