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Collective Approach

Critical to its ability to support greater impact in its priority areas is a shared understanding of Health Action’s approach to leveraging the knowledge, expertise, resources, and relationships of its members and partner organizations. Health Action relies on the following approaches to advance its priorities:

  • Monitoring
  • Supporting and aligning with existing community efforts
  • Engaging and convening
  • Educating and informing
  • Developing and promoting single interventions
  • With Upstream Investments, developing and promoting a portfolio of aligned, mutually reinforcing interventions

Shared Responsibility

Stewardship requires Health Action members to take responsibility for ensuring Health Action’s success in improving the health and well-being of Sonoma County and to lead together on behalf of Health Action, not just their own organizations. Health Action Council, Committee, and Chapter members agree to:

  • Promote the value of Health Action’s priorities and strategies, including the collective approach;
  • Align organizational priorities, practices, policies, resources, and data with Health Action;
  • Advocate for policy and systems changes that support Health Action priorities; and
  • Commit staff, time, and resources to achieving Health Action priorities.