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Health Action focuses on three impact areas with eight specific priorities. 

A Long and Healthy Life

  1. Promote high-value, well-coordinated, person-centered health care that is available and accessed by all residents.
  2. Promote healthy, safe communities and environments.
  3. Support behavioral health care as an essential component of overall well-being, including upstream prevention.

Educational Attainment

  1. Support every child entering kindergarten to be ready to succeed.
  2. Promote the academic success of every child in and out of school.
  3. Support every young adult to prepare for and complete the highest level of post-secondary education or training to achieve their career goals.

A Comfortable Standard of Living

  1. Promote affordable, accessible, safe and healthy housing for all.
  2. Promote financial stability and independence.


These priority areas are numbered for ease of reference. Numbering does not represent a hierarchy of priority areas.