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Portrait of Sonoma County

The Portrait of Sonoma County 2021 Update report explores well-being in the county through data about health, education, and income. The report's findings are based on the Human Development Index (HDI) of the United Nations, the global standard for measuring the well-being of large population groups. This index compiles data on access to knowledge (education), standard of living (income), and life expectancy (health), then compares these data across race, ethnicity, gender and geography to provide a detailed picture of where and for whom preventable disparities persist in the county.

Health Action, dedicated to improving health and well-being and achieving greater equity across Sonoma County, created its Framework for Action that categorizes its priorities in alignment with the Human Development Index.

A Long and Healthy Life
- See Health

Educational Attainment
- See Education

A Comfortable Standard of Living
- See Income

For more information, visit A Portrait of Sonoma County