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Frequently Asked Questions

Health Action 2.0 Collaborative Action Network

A project of Community Partners

What is Health Action 2.0 and what will it do?

Health Action 2.0 will be a collaborative action network.

Governance and Decision Making

Why does Health Action 1.0 need to surrender its status as an advisory body to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors?

Who is on the Health Action 2.0 Interim Board? How was this determined?

Who will be at the decision-making tables of Health Action 2.0 and how that will be determined?

How exactly will the community be involved in Health Action 2.0?

How To Get Involved

How can existing Health Action members and partners get involved in the launch of Health Action 2.0?

How will a new structure of power sharing be created by bringing in new people while also keeping those who have been participating involved?

Existing Health Action 1.0 committees and initiatives

How can I find information about Health Action 1.0 committees and initiatives?

Health Action Chapters

Are Health Action chapters part of the HA 2.0 structure?

Will HA chapters continue to lead and serve as local community hubs for community-led action?

Local action and systems change

How will Health Action 2.0 create a sustainable process to support collaborative work locally that will make a countywide impact?

What resources will be available to serve communities that do not currently have a Health Action chapter?

County of Sonoma’s Role

How will the County of Sonoma support the work of Health Action 2.0 if the governance structure is no longer linked?

Funding and sustainability

Funding and sustainability