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Upstream Investments

The mission of Upstream Investments is to promote effective and prevention-focused approaches that will ultimately uproot poverty and reduce monetary and societal costs to our community. Upstream accomplishes this mission by supporting the community to invest early in prevention efforts, wisely in approaches that are proven to work and together in approaches to maximize impact. 

Upstream Investments works in collaboration with Health Action to improve the community’s health and well-being across the shared priority areas of health, education, and income while also modeling the values of prevention, equity, and community engagement.

Portfolio of Model Upstream Programs

The Portfolio of Model Upstream Programs is a collection of outcome-based and prevention-focused programs currently implemented throughout Sonoma County. Programs included in the Portfolio have met specific criteria regarding the degree of evidence behind the program.

Upstream offers courses and online resources to help providers select, design, evaluate and improve practice to meet Portfolio criteria and improve community outcomes.

Shared Measures of Success

Upstream Investments is committed to helping our community partners understand the impact of collective efforts to achieve equity and improve health and well-being in Sonoma County. To this end, Upstream supports learning communities that create opportunities for participants to learn from each other and measure change across organizations.

Invest Early.
Invest Wisely.
Invest Together.

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