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Economic Wellness Initiative Facts

Priority: Income

Our Vision: All Sonoma County families have the economic resources to make ends meet and lead a long and healthy life.

Priority Areas

Asset Building

Economic Wellness Initiative

Promote financial stability and independence. Strategies focus on two generational approaches to financial empowerment, integrating financing education into existing services and policy development to support asset building.


Retain and expand quality jobs, opportunities for youth, seniors and mid-career training. Strategies focus on expanding youth employment training and mid-career training for key target populations, including seniors and low-income communities.


Promote affordable, accessible, safe and healthy housing.
The strategy focuses on creating a community dialogue on the value of affordable housing for the well-being and prosperity of all Sonoma County communities.

Opportunities for Impact

Build commitment to the common agenda:

  • Use A Portrait of Sonoma County to understand and address disparities and opportunity gaps.
  • Encourage organizations to align their work to common goals, strategies and outcomes.
  • Leverage Health Action Chapters to engage the community and employ place-based strategies.

Align funding and measure results:

  • Utilize the Portfolio of Model Upstream Programs to select, expand and invest in evidence-informed interventions aimed at Income priorities.
  • Compile and transparently report impact data and progress toward goals.
  • The Backbone Organization is the Department of Health Services and the Economic Wellness Operation Team supports work groups. For more information visit: