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Local Chapters in Action

Health Action Chapters support Health Action's shared population health outcomes on a local level by:

  • Addressing key social, economic, and environmental determinants of health and health care with an emphasis on eliminating health disparities
  • Leveraging partnerships to contribute to collective impact
  • Positioning itself as a policy advocacy and system change body
  • Authentically engaging residents in decision making, especially residents facing the greatest disparities in health, education, and income as identified by A Portrait of Sonoma County
  • Evaluating efforts to measure and track health improvements

Ideal Health Action Chapters have Two Roles

Collective Impact around Strategies and Outcomes

The Chapters have the capacity to carry out a lot of the “action” for Health Action. They can:

  • Pilot strategies related to Health Action’s priorities or scale up interventions that work
  • Be local advocates for Health Action, building more awareness and buy-in
  • Harness community power structures and relationships, working with the local cross-sector leaders and community members to achieve a broader collective impact
  • Build support for policy change or funding mechanisms

Authentic Community Member Engagement 

Chapters also have the potential to engage community members that are facing the most challenges or disparities to achieve greater equity. 

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