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Advance Care FAQ

We hope the following FAQs will help you to start developing your own Advance Care Plan. 

The following FAQs provide basic information about the process of advance care planning and address issues to consider when developing your own plan. Links to expert local, state and national Advance Care Planning resources are available on the Resources page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advance Care Planning?

What is an Advance Health Care Directive?

Where do I find the Advance Care Directive form?

What happens if I don't have an Advance Health Care Directive?

How old should a person be to complete an Advance Health Care Directive?

When would the provisions in my Advance Health Care Directive go into effect?

What if I want to change my Advance Health Care Directive?

What is a health care agent?

Do I need to name a health care agent?

What is a POLST? Do I also need a "Do Not Resuscitate" form?